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Šumava forest half sleeve by Alba

We would like to share with you some pictures of the process and result of a project that got to get started couple of days ago in our studio.

The creator and administrator of the project Fotíme Šumavu got this black and grey forest scene around his forearm, where some river, trees and even a figure of a photographer were included. It was mostly freehanded and it took around 4 hours of work.

The whole idea was inspired by the pictures from his project, which collects different shots from different photographers. The project itself is dedicated to all those people who enjoy photography and specially landscape photography of the Czech region and mountain range of Šumava; The work of everyone that would like to could be shared there just by contacting them via email, and they also have an e-shop with some Šumava related products.

We hope you like the pictures of the finished tattoo, even though we will share some shots of it after some time, when it will be properly healed.

Thanks to Martin for the patience, and Anna for the nice pictures.

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