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Gwilym Davies coffee pop-up at Long Story

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Almost a week ago we had the pleasure of hosting a very special event: Gwilym Davies, who won the World Barista Championship in 2009, decided to spend one day in our studio preparing coffee from Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters, a roaster in Sweden which focuses on sourcing the highest quality coffees out there, produced and traded in a sustainable and quality focused way.

He was pulling shots out of the historic coffee machine Athena Leva by Victoria Arduino, very known for its lever delivery system, which requires a high level of competence on the part of the barista.

It was amazing to see how intuitive and easy to use Gwilym made this machine look like; They made a great team as usual with Petra Veselá, who was making next to him the nicest latte-art we have ever had the pleasure to witness.

We would like to share with you some pictures of the event, since this was a very special occasion for us in which we would have liked to be able to have you all, both the coffee lovers and the ones that are not yet so involved in it; You are welcome to come next time and learn a bit about the art of coffee preparation, since both Gwilym and Petra are not only exceptional baristas but they also have a great coffee training centre in Jílové u Prahy, a town about 20km south of Prague. For more information you can check their webpage here or their social networks, which are all under the name of @kavovekurzy

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