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Collaboration with My dear clothing

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

My dear clothing is a lifestyle brand based in Prague, created by Zbynek Standera and co-managed by Marek Volf.

When they told us their idea about making a new collection of clothes for this spring with our collaboration, we didn’t think about it twice. Vesko’s stye of drawing seemed to fit perfectly their idea, and so under the slogan “It’s a long story, my dear”, two t-shirts, two hoodies, one fleece anorak and a handmade wallet were to be released.

Their way of approaching the creation of their products is always pulling for timeless attractive designs, using very good quality local materials and crafters. As their motto says: „The idea is to die young as late as possible”.

Their love for timeless design and quality materials blends with support to the locals as as they source all materials in Czech Republic. We had the pleasure to meet in the process one of the crafters, Martin Furch, who handmade all the wallets for this collection, and has a very interesting working approach, where he takes some old purses or bags to redesign them and make a completely new item out of it.

Click on the pictures in this post to access to the online store of My dear clothing, where you would see more of the collection that will be launched today at 20:00

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